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Earth Month 2018

Around the world, 700 million people live without access to something none of us can live without – water.  Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund come together each April for Aveda Earth Month to protect clean water, raising money to support locally-led projects worldwide. As part of Earth Month, Aveda donates 100% of the purchase price of the Light the Way™ candles for water-related projects in 88 countries.

As a benefactor of Earth Month, the Uganda Women’s Water Initiative located in Gomba, Uganda has not only improved access to water for their community, but helped keep their kids in school, and aided women to launch sustainable businesses. 

Here’s how:  In Gomba there is one source of water for the community: a borehole located three miles away, filled with contaminated water. Each day, women and children spend hours walking to the borehole, filling their buckets with water that leads to disease. These diseases keep kids out of school and families overwhelmed by hospital bills – and stuck in the cycle of poverty. Knowing that something had to be done, Godliver Businge and Comfort Harja, founders of the Uganda Women’s Water Initiative, stepped up to help their community access clean water and prevent disease.

 Godliver educated women in the community on how to construct Biosand filters by layering sand, gravel, and stones of various textures inside containers. When water is poured into the filter, it trickles down through the layers of gravel, sand, and rock, removing 99 percent of bacteria.

 This continued support of the Uganda Women’s Water Initiative through Light the Way candle sales has led to an expansion of sustainable livelihoods in Gomba. And it all started with the sale of a $14 candle. This incredible story of clean water and women’s leadership is just one example of the change that is made possible in communities around the world because of the partnership between Global Greengrants Fund and Aveda. 100% of proceeds from Light the Way Candles will support incredible clean water initiatives like the one mentioned above.

Feeling inspired? Celebrate Earth Month by purchasing a Light the Way candle and help make a difference today.