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April Showers Bring May Packages!
Don't Forget about Mother's Day
May 14th

Mom's Time to Chill

Hemp Facial provides powerful skin healing by infusing the facial with CBD-oil, combining a holistic approach to health with advanced techniques.


30-minute Sauna, 50-minute CBD Massage, 50-minute Hemp Facial, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, and Champagne Lunch. Includes a CBD Body Butter, CBD Bath Bomb, and a Relaxation Candle to take home.

3.5 hrs. - $422


Just for Mom

50-min Signature Massage, 50-min Signature Facial, and Signature Pedicure. Includes a CBD Bath Bomb, and a Relaxation Candle to take home.

3 hrs. - $275


Mom, I Love You

30-min Signature Massage, 30-min Signature Facial, Body Scrub. Includes a Relaxation Candle to take home.

1.5 hrs. -  $185


The hairdresser is…

“It is my considered opinion that the hairdresser is the most influential person in any community. When the public goes to a hairdresser, something happens to them. They feel safe, they relax. The hairdresser knows what their skin is like under the makeup, they know their age, they don’t have to keep up any kind of pretense. People tell a hairdresser things they wouldn’t dare confess to a priest and they are open about matters they’d try to conceal from a doctor. When people place their secret lives in the hairdresser’s hands, the hairdresser gains an authority few other people attain. I have heard hairdressers quoted with complete conviction on art, literature, politics, economics, child care and morals. I tell you that a clever, thoughtful, ambitious hairdresser wields a power beyond comprehension of most people.”


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