About The Owner- Mia Harris-Hines

Mia Harris-Hines has always been committed to providing her clientele with world class service in a relaxing environment. Since she began as a stylist in a mall salon in 1991, Mia always surpassed her clients’ expectations. She continued to gain an education, soon adding massage therapist and esthetician to her resume. Her attention to detail and eagerness to exceed her client's needs increased her desire to offer more. She quickly earned a position in management at the salon, and finally became the owner in 1993 when her mentor retired. However, she began to realize that her journey to provide the ultimate in customer service would require more than just desire. A larger facility would be necessary to expand spa services. A dedicated staff of trained professionals would ensure quality service and a high level of customer satisfaction. The dream of owning a multicultural salon that provides world-class customer service soon became a reality. In 1998, Mia realized her dream, and Belliard's Hair Design Studio and Spa was established. The goal of exceeding the customers' expectations and providing unparalleled service was realized in a warm and friendly environment.

The establishment of Belliard's also opened the door to other opportunities. As other industry members recognized Mia's talent and drive, she was approached to serve as an educator to her peers by providing knowledge and expertise in skin care and makeup. She has had the privilege of serving as an image and style consultant to several television figures. Mia received the ultimate compliment when she was nominated, by her peers, for a global business award for entrepreneur of the year. In addition to her commitment to her clientele at Belliard's, Mia has also found a new way to commit to helping others in the industry by serving as a business coach to other salon owners, helping them to realize their own goals and maximize their potential.